Monday, 24 Sep 2018
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Personal Training

It’s All About You!

Our Personal Trainers offer you an initial free consultation so you can have a relaxed chat about what you want to get from your fitness workouts.  There are a number of reasons people decide to use a personal trainer.  For you this could be for motivation, rehabilitation from an injury or a new training program and exercises to help you through your plateaus while checking your form and technique. You might have a particular goal in mind, maybe bodybuilding, bodysculpting, losing or gaining weight or even your wedding!

They will assist you with planning and executing your training with all the help you need. This all adds up to you training consistently with your scheduled workouts and staying on track to achieve what you want.

About Our Personal Trainers

We Practice What We Preach

Rest assured our personal trainers have been there and done that. They are all qualified and have years of experience in what they do best. You will see our Personal Trainers in the gym working out.  As a Gym Instructor or Personal Trainer you need to know and have experienced the workouts you are putting your clients through.

They are all passionate about their fitness training and can pass on their knowledge and enthusiasm to you.